Emily in her TEAM EMILY shirt for the Diabetes Walk

Friday, September 10, 2010


Well, I have been out of the blogging loop for a while now. So, I guess I have some updating to do. First, Emily is on her pump now!! yay! No more shots!! It has been the most wonderful thing for us and her. Her blood sugars have leveled out even more than they were, and I really did not know that was possible :) She has also started school, and is LOVING IT! I was so concerned about whether the school was going to be willing to accommodate to her like I wanted them to, but they have gone above and beyond. Her teacher is awesome along with her therapists. EVERYBODY at the school loves her, too! The principal, assistant principal, and anybody else that wants to I guess, just comes down there at liberty just to see her :) It's so sweet! The pump has made this transition so much easier. All they have to do is check sugar and press a few buttons when she eats, and they do it well! I couldn't be happier. Another thing, Emily is still not walking. Yes, she's 3 and getting closer to 4 every day, but still not walking. Her doctor became concerned about this here recently and we seen an orthopedist. A couple of months later, we got her some ankle braces to try to give her more support. Slowly but surely, we started to see a little difference, but not much. Finally our real orthopedic appointment came where they would do xrays to really try to see if there was something wrong. They did every xray from the neck down, and didn't find anything. It was wonderful to actually take her to the doctor and them tell me nothing was wrong. I was pleasantly surprised because I really didn't know what they were going to tell me when I took her. So, continuing physical therapy is what she needs. It's kind of aggravating to have to continue something we've been doing the past 3 years almost with no results, but I know one day that she will walk, and that's enough to keep me going. Just over the last couple of weeks, she has started standing on her own without holding on to anything. I believe school has really helped in this area, too. She's getting consistent therapy along with the help of her teacher, who does a lot of stuff with her in the classroom when the therapists aren't there. I couldn't have been happier when I saw her do this the first time :) Other than that, she's doing great! Since she has started school, I am enjoying staying at home with my youngest baby, too. She's never really had the baby time she needed because I have always been so busy with Emily, so we're catching up :) I hope every one has a great weekend, and I hope to be posting more soon! :)

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  1. Welcome back! I'm so glad school is going so well!!!