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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sitting still...

Not too awful much has changed since my last post. I'm still trying to decide what is best for Emily concerning her schooling. I'm leaning more towards at least waiting until the Fall to send her...maybe that will give her enough time to start walking and possibly be drinking from a straw...just a couple of things that would help TREMENDOUSLY. I know the straw thing seems kind of silly, but if she can drink from a straw, then she can drink out of a juice box when her sugar gets low, which is a whole lot simpler than having to make her eat applesauce. I'm planning on visiting the preschool here in a couple of weeks to talk to the teacher about all of this and just see what she thinks about it. That might make me feel better if she can explain to me how things would go and how comforatable she would be with having to do all of this. Other than that, we have a pretty busy week ahead of us. This time of the year is when all the government agencies want a little of my time to re-evaluate our situation for Medicaid, SSI, and WIC. Medicaid's appointment was this past Wednesday, but the other two are both this week. I have that on top of Emily's eye doctor appointment on Monday and therapy on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning. After that, I suppose things will settle for a few weeks while we continue to rack our brains over school stuff. Hope everybody's year has started off good and everybody has a good weekend!

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