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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!...

Hello to you all! I hope all is well with everybody. Things around here have been a little busy, and it seems that they are fixing to get a little busier...this week at least. A few updates on Emily being busy learning first of all. She is doing great right now! Her Speech Therapist has been doing a great job experimenting and trying to figure out how Emily learns the best, and she has learned that Emily needs to "see" things in order to learn them. In other words, we are learning some signs. It seems that when she sees us signing the word on top of saying the word, something registers, and she just gets it! It's amazing! :) We have also been trying to learn some songs that involve some motions about body parts such as "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" and "The Wheels on the Bus". She's been doing "The Wheels on the Bus" motions for a while, but now, she's finally starting to sing the words as well. I just love watching her sign a word while she says it. It's just the sweetest thing! She's also starting to point at stuff while someone is counting, if that makes any sense. LOL It's one of those things you would almost have to see. Basically, the therapist had a counting book that she was reading to her, and, as she was counting, Emily started to point at the individual things on the page as she counted. To both of us, this was pretty amazing because we had not worked with her at all with numbers or counting or anything like that. It just appears that she figured it out on her own, maybe with the help of a big sister or something, as well :). All of this will play a big part in tomorrow, as well, I figure. I'm taking Emily to be evaluated for school tomorrow to see what services they think she will need and how often. This is the first big step in getting her into school. Since we have decided to wait until August to let her go, we still have quite a few more months. However, there's so much to be done from getting this eval done to start getting Emily to wear her Medic Alert bracelet (which she did this morning...it was so cute with the little lady bugs! I picked that one because she has always been my little stinker bug, so it just fit :) ) to getting everybody at the school that will be in contact with her educated about Diabetes. It all starts this week! Busy Busy Busy!

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