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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Stuff and Doctor Visit....

I've been so excited all week long! This is Emily's last week to get therapy through EI! Next week, therapy will only be ONE DAY A WEEK!!! I know this may sound bad, but for as long as I can think back, we have been getting therapy Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, which means that we couldn't do anything else on those three days. I'm so ready to be able to say, "Yeah! I can do that Thursday!". lol Emily has also started crawling this last couple of weeks! She is soooo cute! She usually just scoots around on her bottom, but her PT's have been working with her every week on trying to get her to actually crawl. They said that it would help with the walking, too, because she would be learning to alternate her legs. It has just been very exciting to see her start to do this. Also, she has started drinking milk again...whew! I haven't been able to get her to drink milk probably since I took her off of formula. She just hasn't liked it. I've always worried about her calcium levels because of this. I try to give her stuff with calcium in it every day, but some days, it just doesn't happen. She just seems to be growing up on me, and in reality, she is. She will be 3 on Friday. That's hard to believe. It doesn't seem like that much time has gone by since she was born, but so much has happened in that 3 years. Life has completely changed! It just seems like yesterday that I was holding the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen, and now I am holding the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. I love looking into those big blue eyes of hers and seeing that smile. I wouldn't take the world for it.

On to another note...this Thursday, we have a doctor's visit. It's just a routine checkup for the most part, but we will also be doing blood work. I dread these appointments so much. She has veins like me...nothing to them. It's so hard to get the blood they need for the complete metabolic tests. For the past year, we have just been having to do a finger stick because they didn't need that much blood, but once a year, I figure we will have to do the complete workup. It's hard on her, and hard on me, as well. I just pray for the nurse to be able to find a good vein. If anybody can, this nurse can. She's the only one that can get blood from Emily, even in the worst situations (like when she got diagnosed with Diabetes and was severely dehydrated). I'm also considering having an extra test done...one that I heard about when Emily had just been diagnosed with Diabetes, but was never done because we quit seeing the hospital doctors shortly after, and it has never been brought up again. Emily was diagnosed at 11 months, and it is a rare thing for a child to be diagnosed that young. There have been some studies recently, and some children have been found to have what they call Genetic Diabetes. If they have this, then they can take their insulin orally...not through a shot. This would just be wonderful! I've never pursued it after leaving the hospital because we've always just been going in to get a small amount of blood, but...no harm in asking if while they are getting a lot anyway, if they can just get a little more to do this test. I'm not keeping my fingers crossed or anything because, just like being diagnosed at a young age like that, it's also a rare thing for them to actually have the genetic kind of Diabetes, but it's worth a shot...no pun intended. Hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. Go Emily.....another milestone reached (good job on that crawling). Hopefully we'll get to see you in action (tell mommy to post some pics or video)! I am sure you will be walking in no time:) Keep reaching for those stars!!!