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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Busy to Busier...

Today was Emily and my youngest daughter, Addalyn's doctor's appointment. Boy did they lay it on today! There's nothing bad going on necessarily, it's just that we are fixing to get a little busier.
First off, let's talk about Addalyn. I haven't talked much about Addalyn because this blog is just mainly about Emily. Addalyn has always just been pretty down to earth and normal. No problems or issues with anything. Well, today, the doctor suggested that we have her evaluated for Speech Therapy. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, and it's still not really a big deal. She will be evaluated and treated, if need be, at the same place that Emily gets her ST hopefully at the same time on the same day. However, the problem comes when Emily goes to school. Addalyn does talk pretty good. She talks ALOT! Mostly jibberish, which is the reason for this eval. But, am I really going to want to make a 45 minute trip once a week to take her to ST when I'm really not convinced that she needs it? I don't know. I guess maybe I was just looking forward to a "no therapy" time after Emily's therapy starts at school. But, I will do whatever she needs me to do...but I will also make sure that it is absolutely necessary.
Now to Emily. Her doctor is always talking about how good she looks, and I love that. She just brags on her so much. Everything was pretty much the same today. She did, however, mention that Emily's feet were turning in. For this, she suggested that we see an Orthopedic doctor. This would normally be fine...lol...I said that once up in Addalyn's paragraph, too. However, there are only two Orthopedic doctors around. One is in Memphis. This clinic does not take Medicaid, which pretty much marks them off, unless her doctor can pull some strings, which she said she was going to try. The other is in South Louisiana at Shriner's Hospital...we live in Northeast Mississippi. My eyes just bugged out when she told me this. It would probably take us 6 to 7 hours to get to this hospital, if I had my guess. However, (another loop), one of the doctors from Shriner's comes to our area every once in a while. So, yet again, she said she would try to get him to see her here instead of us having to drive all the way to Louisiana. Crossing my fingers for that one...that would be an insanely long trip for all of us. The second thing that is probably going to cause a rough few days is seeing the ENT for her nose. She's always had trouble with her nose and breathing out of it since she was born. Here lately, though, just having a little trouble breathing out of her nose has turned into sinus infection after sinus infection. So, she is recommending that we see her ENT about getting her adanoids taken out. I am fine with this because I want the sinus infections to stop as well as wanting her to be able to breath normally. This is going to be a little more difficult than when she got her tubes put in. I know this because my dad had a similar surgery not too long ago. He has always had issues with his nose just like Emily. I'm just hoping this goes off smoothly. We have about a month to wait on the appointment, so we have time to get ready for it. I'm probably going to push pretty hard for it because I know that nasal sprays and antibiotics have not ever worked for her. I'm just ready for it to stop, and I know she is, too.
Other than those issues, everything went off pretty good. I had to make my oldest daughter, Brooklyn's appointment today for later in June to get her school shots done. I figure that will be a very interesting day. She does not like shots at all. I guess I will have to plan something special for us that day. Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend!

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