Emily in her TEAM EMILY shirt for the Diabetes Walk

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So Relieved....

We went for our first official PT appointment last Friday with the new PT. It was so wonderful! Emily didn't cry at all! She actually cried when we were fixing to leave! She just laughed and laughed and laughed at all the stuff the PT got her to do. She was playing and having a good time, but she was also doing some serious work. I'm so happy and relived about this because it has been such a burden on me to have to take Emily to PT and listen to her scream the entire time she was there. Some of the things that she enjoyed doing were sitting on top of a big ball bouncing. The therapist sat her up there and held her while she made her bounce and balance herself...this helped her work her trunk, which is Emily's biggest problem. The most fun thing she did was also on the ball. She held her up there while I blew bubbles at her and let her try to reach up and pop them. She just laughed the entire time. I got a little dizzy I blew bubbles so long, but it was so worth it to see her happy with her PT and actually getting in some good work. I know if this continues that it won't be too long, and I will get to see her walk. Anxious and waiting....

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