Emily in her TEAM EMILY shirt for the Diabetes Walk

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hello "Getting into everything!!!"...Goodbye adanoids...

I know it has been so long since I have gotten on here and wrote anything. Let me tell you...it has just been super busy. The Walk for Diabetes is coming up, and for some reason, it just seems to take up a lot of my time fundraising and getting our team together. So far, we have over fourty walkers on our team, and I personally have raised over a thousand dollars for the Diabetes Foundation of MS. This is such a good organization. They helped us out so much when we came home with Emily after she was diagnosed with Diabetes. I love doing this.
First of all, let's talk about Hello "Getting into everything!!". Emily has started cruising...EVERYWHERE! It's so cute! There's not anywhere in this house that she won't go as long as she has something to hold on to. It's precious watching her walk around stuff. I'm still waiting on the day that she just takes off on here own, and I really do believe it will be soon :) Since she has started cruising everywhere, she has been getting into everything, as well. She's standing up at the kitchen sink putting stuff in it...I will try to get a snapshot of this sometime if I can get it quick enough...she's pushing buttons on our stereo system, and well she's just EVERYWHERE! I get tickled at myself sometimes because I know that if my other two kids had done some of the stuff that she does, I wouldn't have laughed, but with her...I don't know. It's almost like I'm just so happy that she is doing it that I can't help but smile and laugh at her! We were at church yesterday morning, and she has gotten to where she will stand up and hold on to the bench in front of us while we are singing. Then yesterday, she just let go and stood there on her own and clapped! It was soooo precious! I just smiled! I know everybody had to be wondering what I was smiling so big for. My husband even saw it from the drumset and asked me what she did...lol He knew it had to be her that provoked a smile like that of pure and utter joy!
Ok...now to "Goodbye adanoids"...this Wednesday, Emily will have her adanoids taken out. I'm hoping this will help her with all these sinus infections that she has been having. The doctor agreed that something needed to be done, so...we scheduled it as quickly as possible. She has had tubes done before, but this surgery is a little more of a big deal, especially with the Diabetes, because she won't be able to eat anything all morning long. This concerns me, but I have been assured that they will take every precaution necessary to make sure that she is ok. I know it's gonna be a very nerve racking morning. It's not that I don't trust them, but I sure would like to be able to see her a whole lot sooner than I will be able to. I won't be able to see her at all while she is in recovery. I'm attached to my little Emily, but...sometimes we have to do things that are a little uncomforatable to get the results that we want for the long run. I'll update on how everything went. Hope everyone has a good week.

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