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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Surgery went well...

Thankfully, the adenoidectomy went well. It was a very loooong morning, though. We got up early Wednesday morning, arrived at the surgery center around 7:30. She wasn't allowed to eat anything all morning, so that was a concern right there because of her Diabetes. First thing, we checked her sugar, and it was low. So we got that fixed, and then waited until they were ready to do the surgery. I can't even tell you how nervous I was. This was a simple procedure, but I couldn't help but be worried I guess. It didn't take them very long to get it done and let us know that she had done very well, and that her adenoids had been very big and really had needed taken out. We stayed there for a little while longer that afternoon until she was able to drink well, then came home. This is where the problems started...
We were told to feed her soft foods for two weeks after the surgery. So, finding things that she could eat was one thing, then getting her to eat them was another. Her sugars were completely out of control...one minute it would be low, and the next, high. I've never seen her sugar do the things that it has done over the last couple of days. She threw up a couple of times, which was expected. I just felt so sorry for her. Today, however, she seems to be getting back to her old self. She's playing, her sugars have actually been normal all day, she's starting to eat better, and I can tell a definate difference in her breathing. It's so nice not to have to listen to her struggling to breathe and snorting all the time. I hope this will take care of the chronic sinus infections, as well.
Anyway, there's the update. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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