Emily in her TEAM EMILY shirt for the Diabetes Walk

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Days...

Today, surprisingly, has been better than yesterday, in ways. Emily's sugars have already reacted to the changes that I have started making, and for once, it seems to have worked immediately. Thank God for this. She is in her room right now (lol) yelling into her mirror.

The last few weeks have been an amazing time to be around Emily and watch her learn and grow. We have gone several months without seeing any kind of physical progress at all from her. Finally, a few weeks ago, she pulled up to the table in the living room. I could have jumped through the ceiling. Emily is the type of baby that likes LOTS of praise when she does something, and the more you give her, the more she will do. So, of course, I let her know how happy I was that she was standing up. With her being 2 1/2 now, this was something I had been looking forward to for a long time. A few days later, I watched her pull up again, but she was too far back from the table. So, she actually moved her feet forward to stand straight up. Anotherbig thing for her because she has never wanted to alternate. She scoots for crawling, so her therapist has been worried about that. But, lol, I guess Emily did it when she was ready.

Another thing that she has just miraculously taken to is actually sitting up at the table drinking out of her sippy cup. I guess because of the fact that she couldn't even sit up until after she was a year old (because of the Diabetes), she just learned to drink while she was laying down. This has become a problem, and with her being as stubourn as she is, it hasn't been an easy fix. I have just been patient with her and believed that in her own time she would learn how to do it. She's that type of baby, too. She WILL NOT do ANYTHING unless she's ready to do it. lol! But, the other day, we were sitting at the table, and just to try it, I handed her the sippy cup, and she just lifted it up and drunk out of it. I was shocked, to say the least, but as with the pulling up, I let her know exactly how proud I was. Daddy, her big sister, Brooklyn, and little sister, Addalyn did, too. That, she absolutely loved. So, she did it again. She still likes to lay down and drink most of the time, but while we are at the table, she can drink it now. I know that one day this will be all she does. I guess it's kind of like walking...when they first start out they only take a few steps...then, all of the sudden, that's all they are doing.

She has also started saying more words here lately. (We have had a very productive few weeks!) She can say Mama and Dada pretty clear now with just a little coaxing. She also knows how to say NO very clearly! haha! That's fun to hear sometimes. I know that might sound crazy to say that you like hearing your child say NO to you, but you would just have to know her.

It's nowhere near easy being the mom of a child that has special needs, but it is so rewarding to see all the hard work you put into helping them pay off. I love my Emily more than words can say, and I wouldn't take anything for her just the way she is. Hoping to have more good updates soon!

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  1. Emily!!! i am so excited for you... all of the wonderful things you are going to see and find by pulling yourself up to the table!!! i am so happy your mom decided to start this blog so i can hear all of the wonderful things you are up to:) im glad today was a better day:)